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Shiny Web Frontend Module

The shiny module is a simple module which provides a way to visualize data with the help of a few lines of python code and a template if you want.


A shiny submodule normally contains 2 parts: 1. The template (e.g. Mustache) in templates/example.mustache Example Submodule {{NAME}} {{#list}} {{listitem}}
{{/list}} 2. The python module in src/modules/ import pystache dispatch=['sample_type'] #type of message you want to receive path='example' #the path on the webserver (http://localhost/example) #template_name='' # if you want other extraordinary templates def process(self): # self is the shiny class (see code for all cool stuff it has) # you can do all the weird stuff you want, return what the user should # see at the end return pystache.render(self.templates['example'],self.stats['example'])

After you dropped these two files you are already finished. If you want other exchanges to listen on, add them to conf/config.json (this is important because otherwise the exchange won't be polled for data)

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