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Copyright: Ulrich Escher mailto:
Author: Ulrich Escher
known Problems: none
Version: 13.01.2012
Description: config file
#ifndef _CONFIG_H_
#define _CONFIG_H_
#define USE_ENOCEAN 1
//#define F_CPU 20000000UL
//#define F_CPU 8000000UL
#define F_CPU 14745600UL
//#define F_CPU 8000000UL
//#define F_CPU 11059200UL
//Timertakt intern oder extern
#define EXTCLOCK 0 //0=Intern 1=Externer Uhrenquarz
//Baudrate der seriellen Schnittstelle
#define BAUDRATE 9600
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
/* Global settings for building the can-lib and application program.
* The following two #defines must be set identically for the can-lib and
* your application program. They control the underlying CAN struct. If the
* settings disagree, the underlying CAN struct will be broken, with
* unpredictable results.
* If can.h detects that any of the #defines is not defined, it will set them
* to the default values shown here, so it is in your own interest to have a
* consistent setting. Ommiting the #defines in both can-lib and application
* program will apply the defaults in a consistent way too.
* Select if you want to use 29 bit identifiers.
/* Select if you want to use timestamps.
* Timestamps are sourced from a register internal to the AT90CAN.
* Selecting them on any other controller will have no effect, they will
* be 0 all the time.
#endif //_CONFIG_H
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