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+# A taste of the future, Today
+Hackerspaces: foundries of citizen science, art, and do-it-yourself culture
+Gregor Jehle at TEDxStuttgart
+## Event
+Re:Think – Re:Invent – Re:Create
+The Stuttgart incarnation of the global phenomenon called hackerspace, makerspace, or fabrication lab, “[shackspace]” was founded early 2009. Since then its been steadily growing to 180 (and counting) members, making it Germany’s second largest by member count. It has so far sprouted a multitude of projects spanning and combining software development, electronics, art, personal fabrication, culinary explorations, home automation and aerospace applications. All the while being a community-driven past time of its contributors who come from backgrounds equally diverse as their projects.
+### Why you should listen to him
+Gregor has been one of the co-founders of shackspace, the Stuttgart hackerspace and is part of the team working on [Hackerspace Global Grid], the idea of a world-spanning network of affordable satellite communication ground stations. You will get a unique glimpse into what makes hackerspaces so special and precious to the community, how such spaces enable everyone to do unexpectedly great things, and how you yourself can help and make a contribution to citizen science, art, and do-it-yourself culture. Gregor has a passion for exploring alternative forms of practical technical education outside the realms of schools and universities and is not afraid to talk about it.
+### Short Biography:
+Gregor was born back in the early eighties, holds a degree in Computer Science and has been working in the fields of industrial and bio-tech image processing, camera systems and software development for regular and embedded platforms.
+## License
+All content not otherwise marked as such is released under CC-0 als public domain.
+Specific license information of content is given on the last presentation slide.

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