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This is the python port of genericore, the generic information gathering framework.


The python-genericore and it's submodules are currently under HEAVY development and may suck balls in the current state. I appologize for that.


Currently the python implementation has the following submodules

  • - a number of functions which define "common patterns" in all genericore plugins (e.g. commandline parser or unique-id generator)
    • parse_default (argparse ) : adds default parser parameters
    • generate_unique (VERSION, config) : generates a unique id from the Version number of the script and the configuration given
  • - the amqp connector class which provides the following functions:

    • load_conf(dict) - loads and merges configuration from the given dictionary

    • load_conf_file(fname) - loads and merges configuration directly from a file

    • create_connection() - starts the connection the the AMQP Server

    • [internal] _setup_tubes() - creates the in 'config' configured input and output queues/exchanges. will be called by create_connection in addition it registers the following functions if input exchange is defined:

      • consume (callback) - calls amqp's basic_consume with the correct params
      • start_loop () - calls asyncore_loop() the following function is registered if the output exchange is defined
      • publish (msg) - sends a message to the output exchange
    • close_connection () - closes all connections, cleans up the object In addition to that, needs to hold a "default parameter" list called DEFAULT_CONFIG.


python-genericore provides a extensive configuration submodule whichs allows the modules to evaluate/mix and merge configuration files.

The class Configurable provides a basic functionality to load configuration into the variable config via load_conf. this can be used to merge two configurations.

In addition to that there is a Configurator class which provides basic functionality for parsing defaults. please see of mail_proc how to use these two.


  • simplejson
  • pika
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