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from helpers import scanserial
from settings import load_settings
settings = load_settings()
def build_device_list():
device_settings = settings.core.printer.devices
match_includes = len(device_settings.includes) > 0
raw_devices = scanserial()
device_dict = {}
index = 0
for device in raw_devices:
if match_includes:
if not device in device_settings.includes:
if device in device_settings.excludes:
device_dict[index] = device
index = index + 1
return device_dict
devices = build_device_list()
device_occupations = {}
sessions = {}
ws_handles = {}
def delete_expired_objects():
expired = []
for key, session in sessions.iteritems():
if not session.isValid():
for key in expired:
del sessions[key]
del expired[:]
for key, handle in ws_handles.iteritems():
if not handle.isValid():
for key in expired:
del ws_handles[key]
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