logstash 1.3.2 currently not parsing logstasher logs correctly #18

vinnyglennon opened this Issue Jan 5, 2014 · 4 comments


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Just a point of info:

Recent changes to logstash expect 3 decimal precision in timestamps (we’re looking at this).



shadabahmed commented Jan 6, 2014

Logstasher is still behind logstash in terms of version. The last time I used it was with v1.10. I will need to change the logging format so that it works perfectly well with 1.20+.

danijoo commented Jan 7, 2014

whould be awesome to see this fixed soon


brainopia commented Jan 13, 2014

Logstash master has fixed support for a time format. So you can manually build it or revert to earlier versions.

Other differences in expected logging format are not critical (although easily fixable).

@shadabahmed I think we can close this now that the new schema was adopted, no?

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