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Basic Remote Control Robot

This project allows controlling a NXT robot using the WASD keys, like a remote control car.

    a s d

w = forward, a = left, s = backward, d = right

The project uses the leJOS PC API, so you don't need to download the program onto the NXT brick.


For building the robot, please see the included robot model (RobotDesign.lxf). To open the file, use LDD (Lego Digital Designer), which you can get from


Setting Up

  • Copy pccomm.jar (lejos_nxj/lib/pc/pccomm.jar) to the lib directory.
  • Go to the project in the terminal, and do 'sbt eclipse'.
  • Load the project into Eclipse.


  • Turn on the NXT brick and pair it up with your computer.
  • Run Robot.scala (It will not run when in the 64 bit mode on Mac. To fix, add a VM parameter "-d32".)
  • You may have to run multiple times so that the NXT can connect to the computer.
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