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A repository containing branches that represent starting points for each of the videos in the "Hello Collidium!" YouTube series (

This repository is based on

Get started

To get started, open sbt in this example project, and execute the task fastOptJS. This creates the file target/scala-2.11/hello-collidium-fastopt.js. You can now open index-fastopt.html in your favorite Web browser!

During development, it is useful to use ~fastOptJS in sbt, so that each time you save a source file, a compilation of the project is triggered. Hence only a refresh of your Web page is needed to see the effects of your changes.

The fully optimized version

For ultimate code size reduction, use fullOptJS. This will take several seconds to execute, so typically you only use this for the final, production version of your application. While index-fastopt.html refers to the JavaScript emitted by fastOptJS, index-fullopt.html refers to the optimized JavaScript emitted by fullOptJS.