[abandoned] pomodoro.py is a simple Python script to help increase your focus and productivity, in the Pomodoro style
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pomodoro.py: a little script to help your productivity. (v 0.2)

pomodoro.py is a simple script to help increase your focus and productivity.
After you run the script, you'll have ten minutes of uninterrupted work time,
which is enforced by disabling your network adapters. When ten minutes is up,
you've earned a two minute break, and your network adapters will be brought
back up. 

To run this, make sure you have the required imports on your system, then 
modify the interfaces lists below to reflect the names of your system's 
network adapters. Then run:

         $ sudo ./pomodoro.py &

If you need to kill it, open up another terminal and kill the process (but 
resist the temptation!). 

- Notes and tips -
You'll need to run pomodoro.py with sudo so it can have the necessary
permissions to bring up and take down your network interfaces.

On my Ubuntu setup, sometimes I lose connectivity if I'm connected to both a 
wired and wireless connection. So, I'll make sure that pomodoro.py only brings 
up either my wired connection or my wireless, but not both, depending on which
I'm actually using. 

- Contact the author -
Shaddi Hasan.
web: http://sha.ddih.org
email: shaddih@gmail.com

- License -
Shaddi Hasan, (c) 2010. 
You can use this code for any purpose you like, but I'm not responsible if it 
breaks something you care about. If you extend or modify my software,
releasing your work under a similar license is appreciated but not required.