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Label Metadata Definition for HICA

All labels live in common namespace io.hica, each set of labels with defined values and name of command line parameter for supplying the value is versioned under schema versions.

Label Schema v0.5

Label Command line Values Default Value
io.hica.xsocket_passthrough --xsocket-path, --x-display-num path, string /tmp/.X11-unix, DISPLAY=$DISPLAY
io.hica.dri_passthrough --dri-passthrough-path glob /dev/dri/*
io.hica.machine_id --machine-id-path path /etc/machine-id
io.hica.cuda --cuda-device, --cuda-device-ctl, --cuda-device-uvm path, path, path /dev/nvidia0, /dev/nvidiactl, /dev/nvidia-uvm
io.hica.sound_device --sound-device glob /dev/snd*
io.hica.pulse --pulse path /run/user/$UID/pulse/
io.hica.bind_home --home-path path $HOME
io.hica.bind_pwd none none $PWD
io.hica.bind_users_groups --users-path, --groups-path path, path /etc/passwd, /etc/group
io.hica.bind_localtime --time-path path /etc/localtime
io.hica.env_passthrough --env none, full full
io.hica.kvm_passthrough --kvm-device path /dev/kvm
io.hica.introspect_runtime=[] --introspect-runtime path none
io.hica.tty none none none
io.hica.libraries --libraries, --library-path ["a", "b" ...] list, path none
io.hica.command_aliases none JSON Document {}

JSON Document schema for command aliases is described in a separate document doc/ For example usage of command aliases please refer to the signify example

Note that introspect_runtime has complementary sub-label .whitelist, let's see an example usage:

LABEL io.hica.introspect_runtime="glxinfo"
LABEL io.hica.introspect_runtime.whitelist=""

What is hapenning? If you ever tried to work with OpenGL/OpenCL or just DRI in general in a container / virtual environment, you've had to figure out the hard way that if there's even slightest disparity between particular driver versions betweem host and container that it just doesn't work. So the introspect_runtime label executes the glxinfo utility on host, while strace'ing it for loaded DSO's. The resulting DSO's are then compared with the contents of the whitelist label and only matching libraries are being passed.

Please note that all versions (SOnames) of the specified shared object will be linked. If the whitelist is not specified it equals to empty set and no libraries are passed.

Testing that injectors work

Image authors who target a wide variety of different host systems may want to be able to verify that the injectors work correctly before doing anything else. For that purpose, there's an option to specify in-container test binary for the given injector. Building on the reverse DNS notation, simply append or .test.guest to the label definition and specify the binary to execute:

LABEL io.hica.kvm_passthrough.test.guest='/opt/tests/kvm'

Note that ALL tests that are specified have to succeed during the test case run.

Adding human-readable description to injectors

Some injectors may require additional description text besides the generic summary found directly in code. For that purpose you can use the .description namespace for the given label, which might be especially valuable in the context of labels that accept additional parameters (introspect_runtime, library_whitelist).

LABEL io.hica.introspect_runtime="glxinfo"
LABEL io.hica.introspect_runtime.description="DRI/OpenGL Runtime Dependencies"

Summary of supplementary label namespaces

Value Description
* Test command executed on host
*.test.guest Test command executed on guest
*.description Human readable description of the injector
*.whitelist Whitelist of possible values
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