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@hallyn hallyn released this Dec 2, 2016 · 492 commits to master since this release

    * Changes since 4.2.1:

      - Documentation, error report and translations updates
      - Replace path_max with 32
      - User namespace support fixes/updates including:
        - Correct sanity checks in newXidmap
        - Fix building without subuid support
        - Add /etc/subuid support for UID matching
        - Support subuid for nonlocal users
        - Default to 65536 subuid allocations
        - Respect -r
        - Check for range overflows
      - Add tests from svn tree
      - Use AC_CHECK_SIZEOF for uid_t size checks
      - Accomodate missing /etc and login.defs
      - Support FORCE_SHADOW
      - Be more robust in hostile environment
      - Allow removing a primary group
      - Clear passwords on __pw_dup errors
      - Memory leak fix in commonio_update and get_map_ranges
      - Fix resource leak in syslog_sg
      - Fix user busy error at userdel
      - Support set/clear lastlog record via lastlog command
      - Add --no-create-home as longopt for -M
      - Fix signal races
      - Reduce syslog priority of common usage events
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