@hallyn hallyn released this May 17, 2017 · 149 commits to master since this release

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Changelog since 4.4:

    * Patch from Tobias Stoeckmann fixing regression in previous CVE fix
      preventing SIGTERM to su from being propagated to the job.
    * Patch from Chris Lamb making sp_lstchg shadow field reproducible.
    * Merge Russian translation updates from Yuri Kozlov
    * Fix missing close of subuid file on error
    * Merge patch by Tobias Stoeckmann <tobias@stoeckmann.org> to fix
      the equivalent of util-linux CVE-2017-2616.
    * Update Kazakh translations
    * Consult configuration before calculating subuids
    * Remove misplaced semicolon
    * Patch from Fedora to improve performance with SSSD, Winbind,
      or nss_ldap. (Tomas Mraz)
    * Make sure knowndef_table is NULL-terminated.  (Bernhard Rosenkränzer)
    * Drop leading underscore from _COMMONIO_H and _SHADOWIO_H
    * Fix readability in usermod error messages.
    * Reset user in tallylog
    * Add audit support to su
    * Use sizeof rather than hardcoding snprintf args
    * Fix useradd improper default loading
    * Update Vietnamese translations
    * Update Polish translations
    * Remove non-POSIX chmod option in Makefile
    * Fix suidubins assignments
    * Fix --add-subuids etc spelling in manpages
    * Audit homedir ownership change.
    * Print error on selinux file context update failure
    * Keep original file perms when creating a backup