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Data Theory

This is a repository dedicated to data structures and data theory for JavaScript and in the future maybe C++ as Native Node Addons.

If you are looking for the original repository for this, you can find it in the original branch.


If you would like to see some benchmarks on these data structures then click here...;

Theories & Structures

As theories and structures are built, I'll list them under this heading.

You won't see a todo list or a target list this time around. I'll take suggestions as issues on the repository, but I'm going to focus on building common structures and items one at a time. One thing I have learned as a developer is never get ahead of yourself, you can get paralyzed with planning and expectations.

  • LinkedStack: based on a linked list (slower)
  • UArrayStack: based on JS unbounded array (fast)
  • BArrayStack: based on JS bounded array (fastest)
  • LinkedQueue: based on a linked list (fast)
  • UArrayQueue: based on JS array unbound (very slow) Sadly this is the one most professionals teach and it is so wrong
  • BFixArrayQueue: based on JS array bounded but with fixed front at 0 index (slowest) only shown for educational purposes
  • BFltArrayQueue: based on JS array bounded but with floating front index (fastest)

Use in your projects

npm install data-theory
yarn add data-theory


const { queues } = require('data-theory');

let queue = new queues.LinkedQueue();


What is the original branch?

I moved the old repo to the original branch, this old repo was a different appraoch on how to do the data theory applications. I am redoing the entire repo and showing the new types and systems and making it importable.


Data science and theory implemented in JavaScript.



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