Data science and theory implemented in JavaScript.
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Data Theory

This is a collection of Data Science and Theory implementations. I know there are a lot of things out there that do these same things, but I wanted to create my own library for this. This helps me learn / keep knowledge sharp, and gives another resource for others to learn with. I chose to do this in javascript because that is the language I enjoy the most.

I am also going to make this available on npm so people may include these sorts and data algorithms into their projects easily.

If you have things you would like to add to contribute, please do via a Pull Request. Issues? File them in issues.

Once I finish a base project. I'll write up a full tutorial and article about the sorting algorithms.

Current Array Sorting Algorithms

View Sorts Folder

Current List of Data Types

View Data Types Folder

Current List of Algorithms

View Algorithms Folder

Note for contributors

To make doc generation work, change line #18 in node_modules\grunt-mrdoc\tasks\mrdoc.js to:

	var pluginPath = path.resolve(__dirname, '../../../'),