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My tweaks mod.
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I was bored and decided to make a tweaks mod. Yes, I know, it's like the 5 millionth, shut up about it.


  • When a tool is right-clicked, it will place the block in the hotbar slot next to it (if there is one).
  • Fix the Mod Options button in the in-game menu.
  • Override the Vanilla splash screen text (config and example)

Shadowfacts' License

First off, this is a fairly simple license, you should have no trouble understanding it. If you have any questions, contact me at #shadowfacts on This license is based of the CoFH "Don't Be a Jerk" License.


  • Fork and modify the code.
  • Submit Pull Requests to this repository.
  • Copy portions of the code included in this repository for use in other projects.
  • Write your own code that uses this code as a dependency.


  • Redistribute this in its entirety as source or compiled code without express permission***.
  • Make any money off of the code contained in this repository.
  • Create or distribute code which contains 50% or more Functionally Equivalent Statements* from the code contained in this repository.
  • Hold me, the author, liable for any damages caused by this code.


  • Maintain a publicly visible repository of your code which is inspired by, derived from, or copied from this code. You keep the rights to YOUR OWN code, but you must still make it publicly visible.
  • Not be a jerk**. If you're a jerk, you cannot use any of the code in this repository.


* A Functionally Equivalent Statement is a code fragment which, regardless of whitespace and object names, achieves the same result. Simply put: you can't copy the code, rename the variables, add whitespace and say it's different. It's not.

** A "jerk" is anyone who attempts to or intends to claim partial or total ownership of the original or repackaged code and/or attempts to or intends to redistribute original or repackaged code without prior express written permission from the owner (shadowfacts).

*** If you are using one of my Minecraft Forge mods in a modpack, you may redistribute it, consider this your express permission.

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