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Service APIs for Kohana that use OAuth
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Service APIs for Kohana

The following services are supported:

  • twitter
  • blogger
  • tumblr
  • Want to add one? Fork and send a pull request!

To enable an individual API, add it to your Kohana::modules call:

    'twitter' => MODPATH.'apis/twitter',
    'blogger' => MODPATH.'apis/blogger',
    'tumblr' => MODPATH.'apis/tumblr',

Some services also have live demos and debuggers. To use them, check out the demos branch:

> git checkout demos

Enable the demo API module:

    'api/demos' => MODPATH.'apis/demo',
    'twitter'   => MODPATH.'apis/twitter',
    // ...

Now the Twitter demo should be available at, if the base URL to your Kohana installation is

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