Package for Sublime Text 2 that allows you to create bookmarks with comments.
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Commenter is a Sublime Text 2 package that allows you to create bookmarks with comments, which is useful when auditing source code.

It handles bookmarks per working directory. - It is NOT meant to be used with single files -

The workflow goes like

  • You open a folder in ST2, which contains the source code you are about to audit
  • Open files within that folder and press (Cmd + Ctrl + m) to create bookmarks

A separete bookmark database will be created for each "Folder" you have open via "File"->"Open...", when you create your first bookmark, in the directory specified in Commenter.sublime-settings


Manual Install

Go to your Packages subdirectory under ST2's data directory:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2
  • Linux: ~/.config/sublime-text-2
  • Portable Installation: Sublime Text 2/Data

And clone the repo:

git clone git://


Open Commenter.sublime-settings and customize the setting as you want.

    "debug"             : false,
    "bookmarks_folder"  : "/Users/shadown/.subl_commenter",
    "bookmarks_prefix"  : "",
    "bookmarks_postfix" : "_comments",
    "bookmarks_ext"     : "db"

Be sure to set "bookmarks_folder" to the directory you want to store the bookmark-database files.

The settings are self-explanatories, but anyway here it goes:

"debug": set it to "true" if you want to see some debug messages in the console embedded in ST2.
"bookmarks_folder": complete path to the folder where you want to create the bookmarks-database files.
"bookmarks_prefix": prefix you want to add to the bookmark-database filename.
"bookmarks_postfix": postfix you want to add to the bookmark-database filename.
"bookmarks_ext": extension you want your database to use.


Create a bookmark

(Cmd + Ctrl + m) and enter your comment.

Access a bookmark

(Cmd + Ctrl + b) select the bookmart you want to jump to.

Modify a bookmark's comment

(Cmd + Ctrl + m) in the line of the bookmark and modify it.

Remore a bookmark

(Cmd + Ctrl + m) empty the bookmark's comment, press (enter), and the bookmark will be removed as well.

That's all!