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a free, Complete OpenSource project Game-Kit clone of FlappyBird with Unity3D
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Your UFO is hit and you need to get back to your safe house, but in this journey many pillars are blocking your way! The game is tested on Sony Xperia S and it works fine on mobile devices.


  • Score and Highscore System

  • MainMenu

  • Customize the Pillar movement Speed

  • Customize the Space between Pillars

  • Mobile, PC, Web and ... Support

  • Easy to change Sprites

  • Ability to have Random Sky (background)

  • Easy to customize backgrounds

  • Easy to cusomize Pillars

  • Ability to have Random Pillars

  • Gameover Screen

  • Customize area of gameplay

  • Custom Floor Texture

  • Learn how to use 3D Text for GameOver Screen

  • Customize all Player features and UFO Sprite

  • Learn how to use 2D Physics and Colliders

  • Death Animation

  • Demo Scene is also available in Package

The Sourcecode is well commented so you can easily learn how it works and customize with your fresh ideas.

This game is working on Android, iOS, PC, MacOS.

Compile and Run Requirement: Unity3D v4.6.1f1 or above

How to run: Open up the Unity3D and then open this project, Select FlappyUFO > Scenes > Startup scene and press Play Button.

Easy to setup and play, all codes are commented well so you can learn it easily.

Tested on: Unity3D 2018.01.0f2

Tested on: Unity3D 5

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