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Devel & Contributions

There are 2 main branches in this repo:

Sass compiling via Gulp

Don't edit CSS directly! This website is using Sass and all CSS changes will be discarded if edited directly. Learn about Sass and how to compile it to CSS automatically.

If you don't want to mess with Gulp, just edit the Sass files and ask someone else to compile it (e.g. @AllienWorks)

Here's a short version:

  • you'll need NPM, so install it if you don't
    • don't have Gulp installed? install it via sudo npm install gulp -g (the "-g" part makes sure its installed globally on your system - you can leave it out)
  • install Gulp to the Project: navigate to the Project in Terminal and type npm install gulp --save-dev (this will download all the modules and dependencies; you need this to run only the first time)
  • then install Sass module via npm install gulp-sass --save-dev (also run just once)
  • now all you need to do is start gulp - it will automatically watch for file changes and compile them immediately (let it run in terminal and try modifying some SCSS and save it)

(There has to be even easier way, but I'm not aware of it ATM. If you know, share pls)

Your terminal output should looks something like this:

user@machine:/var/www/html/shadow-website-testing$ gulp
[10:51:20] Using gulpfile /var/www/html/shadow-website-testing/gulpfile.js
[10:51:20] Starting 'watch'...
[10:51:20] Finished 'watch' after 8.18 ms
[10:51:20] Starting 'default'...
-- Compiling Sass files automatically
[10:51:20] Finished 'default' after 36 μs
[10:51:27] Starting 'sass'...
[10:51:27] Finished 'sass' after 62 ms