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An installer for SSPlus local proxy on Windows
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Shadowsocks-Plus-Win [Deprecated due to Rewriting of Shadowsocks-Plus]

An installer for SSPlus local proxy on Windows


  • The first release was published on the second day of my C# study
  • I have limited programming experience and sometimes don't know what I am doing
  • This app is not integrated with SSPlus itself, it works as a wrapper or launcher


  • Fill in your server config details, click Run
  • A success message will notify you if the local proxy has been started without errors
  • You gotta manually configure your browser or other apps to use the local proxy, I recommend using SwitchyOmega in Chrome (you can find an offline CRX installer for SwitchyOmega in the released archvice)
  • Check Auto start with system to run this app at system startup, uncheck to disable this feature
  • Further information can be found in my blog


  • Save config details into a config file and load config info from it
  • Hide into system tray
  • Enable system proxy with Privoxy
  • Convert SOCKS5 to VPN?

Acknowledgement & License

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