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shadowsocks is a fast tunnel proxy that helps you bypass firewalls


  1. A Rust port of shadowsocks

    Rust 4.9k 765

  2. A C# port of shadowsocks

    C# 55.1k 16.3k

  3. A shadowsocks client for Android

    Kotlin 32.9k 11.6k

  4. Next Generation of ShadowsocksX

    Swift 30.6k 8k

  5. Forked from clowwindy/shadowsocks-libev

    Bug-fix-only libev port of shadowsocks. Future development moved to shadowsocks-rust

    C 15.1k 5.7k

  6. Forked from riobard/go-shadowsocks2

    Modern Shadowsocks in Go

    Go 3.7k 1.3k



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