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A DNS forwarder using Shadowsocks as the server
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A DNS forwarder using Shadowsocks as the server.

ShadowDNS creates a DNS server at localhost.

Experimental; use with caution.



brew install swig
git clone
cd M2Crypto
pip install .
pip install shadowdns


Install M2Crypto (Google an M2Crypto Windows installer for your python version and install it. Might be complicated, need someone to write a help here).

easy_install pip
pip install shadowdns

Debian / Ubuntu:

apt-get install python-pip python-m2crypto
pip install shadowdns


yum install m2crypto python-setuptools
easy_install pip
pip install shadowdns


Create a config file /etc/shadowdns.json (or put it in other path). Example:

    "local_address": "",

Explanation of the fields:

Name Explanation
server the address your server listens
server_port server port
local_address the address your local listens
password password used for encryption
method encryption method, "aes-256-cfb" is recommended
dns DNS server to use

Run sudo ssdns -c /etc/shadowdns.json on your local machine.

Set your DNS to



Bugs and Issues

Please visit Issue Tracker

Mailing list:

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