List of papers related to shadowsocks
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List of papers related to shadowsocks


  • GoHop: Personal VPN to defend from censorship. [ICACT'14] PDF


  • Multipath TCP with real Smartphone applications. PDF
  • Poster: Evaluating Android Applications with Multipath TCP. [MobiCom '15] PDF


  • Observing real smartphone applications over multipath TCP. PDF
  • An in-depth understanding of multipath TCP on mobile devices: measurement and system design. [MobiCom'16] PDF
  • A First Analysis of Multipath TCP on Smartphones. [PAM'16] PDF


  • The Random Forest based Detection of Shadowsock's Traffic. [IHMSC '17] PDF
  • Accessing google scholar under extreme internet censorship: a legal avenue. [Middleware '17] PDF
  • Multipath cloud federation. [CloudNet'17] PDF
  • Multipath TCP in Smartphones: Impact on Performance, Energy, and CPU Utilization. [MobiWac '17] PDF
  • Threat modeling and circumvention of Internet censorship. PDF


  • Revisiting Website Fingerprinting Attacks in Real-World Scenarios: A Case Study of Shadowsocks. [NSS'18] PDF
  • Poster: Design of SOCKS Version 6. [SIGCOMM '18] PDF
  • Adversarial Attacks Against Profile HMM Website Fingerprinting Detection Model. [CogSys '18] PDF
  • Website Fingerprinting Attack on Anonymity Networks Based on Profile Hidden Markov Model. [TIFS '18] PDF
  • AME Blockchain: An Architecture Design for Closed-Loop Fluid Economy Token System. PDF
  • Pinpoint: fast and precise sparse value flow analysis for million lines of code. [PLDI '18] PDF