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a port of shadowsocks via websockets protocol, able to tunnel through HTTP proxy
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shadowsocks-dotcloud is a lightweight tunnel proxy which can help you get through firewalls. It is a port of shadowsocks, but through a different protocol.

shadowsocks-dotcloud uses WebSockets instead of raw sockets, so it can be deployed on dotcloud.

Notice that the protocol is INCOMPATIBLE with the origin shadowsocks.


Sign up for dotcloud.

Install dotcloud CLI.

Put the code somewhere, for example shadowsocks-dotcloud/. Edit shadowsocks/config.json, change the following values:

server          your server hostname, for example,
local_port      local port
password        a password used to encrypt transfer
timeout         in seconds
method          encryption method, null by default, or use "rc4"

Upload the code. You can choose your own app name other than shadowsocks. You'll see your hostname at the end.

$ dotcloud create shadowsocks
Created application "shadowsocks" using the flavor "sandbox"
$ dotcloud push --application shadowsocks shadowsocks-dotcloud/
# upload shadowsocks-dotcloud/ ssh://
Deployment finished. Your application is available at the following URLs

Open terminal, cd into shadowsocks, run node local.js.

Change proxy settings of your browser into



If there is something wrong, you can check the logs by:

$ dotcloud logs www --application shadowsocks
Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.