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Shadowsocks for iOS

Notice: This version is deprecated. Please wait for iOS 9's new VPN API


Shadowsocks is a cross-platform tunnel proxy which can help you get through firewalls.

This iOS version is for non-jailbroken devices. It has two features.

  1. A web browser with all the traffic going through a Shadowsocks proxy
  2. A background global proxy, with some restrictions


Available on the App Store

Please visit the App Store.

As a web browser

Shadowsocks works as a multi-tab web browser. It's really easy to use.

  • Tap the + button to open menu.
  • Tap Settings to configure Shadowsocks proxy settings.
  • Tap New Tab to open a new Tab. Tap URL field on the top to input URL.
  • Swipe a tab to scroll the tabs. Hold and press a tab to swap tabs.
  • If you've changed Proxy Mode, a restart is needed to take effect. (Kill the app, then open the app again).

As a global proxy

Shadowsocks works as a background global PAC proxy, with some restrictions.

  • Only works with Wi-Fi network. But we are working on the cellular network.
  • Only works for a few minutes. Due to iOS restrictions, Shadowsocks can't keep running in the background. It's killed after you leave it for a while. To keep it running for an extended period of time, you have to come back to the Shadowsocks app every few minutes.

So it's a little tricky to use global proxy.

  • Set up proxy settings in shadowsocks.
  • Copy this link
  • Open iOS Settings -> Wi-Fi -> i icon on the right of your connected Wi-Fi -> HTTP Proxy. Choose Auto, paste the link in the URL field. Tap back.
  • Other apps now go through the proxy. If they don't, kill and restart them.
  • Come back every few minutes to keep Shadowsocks running in the background.

Still need help?

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Issue tracker:

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