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Compatability companion program for applications that don't support autosave
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Compatability companion program for applications that don't support autosave

How to Use

Double click the app, it will create a config file in %TEMP%\autosave_prog.ini. Feel free to edit these settings to better fit your preferences. The program is preset for Clip Studio, but basically that field is looking to see if what you put in there is in the currently active window title. It doesn't have to be an exact match, it just has to contain it.

What this program will do

Every X seconds, it will send the CTRL-S key presses if the specified program is in the foreground. If you're in a tabbed program like Paint Clip Studio or Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code or PhotoShop, it will save the active tab at that time.

Basically, it's a robot that reaches over your shoulder ever X seconds and hits CTRL-S to save whatever art or code tab you have up if the right program is up.

What this program won't do

It won't autosave a particular artboard that you've left up in the background... yet.

Customizing? Sure, why not

This program is licensed under the MIT license, so have fun. Also, you can specify the icons that are used in the sys tray and the toast notification. Toast notification has to be a .ico, sys tray can be png or jpg or ico (I think?).


If you're going to be editing the code for this at all, you'll need win10toast and pystray for Python 2.7.

Known bugs

If you've got the mouse held down during an autosave period, it may not save. I think this is a restriction of the win32com.cient lib. I'll keep looking for a fix but uh, no promises.

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