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Ranked Choice Map Vote for Garry's Mod

See it in action!

Right now this addon only works for TTT, but that may change in the near future.

This addon utilizes ranked choice (runoff) voting methods to find the least unfavourable map to play on. You rank a list of at least three and at most seven maps from most preferable to least preferable.

For more information about Ranked Choice voting systems and how they work, check out CGP Grey's explanation.


RCMV will use a file, maplist.txt, located in garrysmod/data/rcmapvote, as a blacklist. It can be changed to act as a whitelist depending on the value of the rcmv_whitelist convar.

rcmv_whitelist maplist.txt function
0 blacklist exclude maps in maplist.txt
1 whitelist only use what's in maplist.txt

When acting as a whitelist, it will only draw from the maps in maplist.txt, while acting as a blacklist it will scan the maps folder for any .bsp that contains the ttt_ prefix, and exclude the maps in maplist.txt. Each map should be on its own line, and without the .bsp extension.

You can configure the amount of time players have to vote by changing the rcmv_votingduration convar (seconds), defaults to 120.

Force the mapvote to start by running the concommand rcmv_forcevoting.

Players can also nominate up to four maps of their choosing by default. More can be allowed based on the rcmv_nomination_limit ConVar. The map must be in the whitelist if in whitelist mode, and not blacklisted if in blacklist mode. They can nominate by using the !nominate <map> chat command.

ConVars and Config

ConVar Default Description Notes
rcmv_whitelist 0 Decides if maplist.txt is used as a whitelist or a blacklist. See above
rcmv_votingduration 120 The amount of time that players have to submit their votes (in seconds).
rcmv_debug 0 Enable debugging messages in console for RCMV. Recommended to keep disabled. Hark, thy manifold is fraught with perils
rcmv_nomination_limit 4 The maximum number of maps that can be nominated per round. Shared among all players.
rcmv_nomination_enabled 1 Allow players to nominate maps to play on. If this is off then they can't use !nominate
rcmv_nomination_playerlimit 1 Only allow maps to be nominated that there are enough players for. If 1: nominations are rejected if not enough players present. If 0: any map can be nominated regardless of how many players are on.
rcmv_mapcount 3 Number of maps to randomly select each time. RCMV will randomly select this number of maps for players to vote for each round.


A ranked choice map voting tool for Garry's Mod







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