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Context checking for plugins
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Snippet Enhanced.sublime-commands


Low-level plugin that provides "check context" functionality for other plugins just like "context" section in .sublime-keymap works.

It also provides several basic contexts that can be used with this library or in .sublime-keymap files. This conexts are listed below.


This plugin is part of sublime-enhanced plugin set. You can install sublime-enhanced and this plugin will be installed automatically.

If you would like to install this package separately check "Installing packages separately" section of sublime-enhanced package.




context.check(view, context)

Check given context in given view. If one of contexts passed to array returns false result of call will be false. If no context key found, exception will be raised.

  • view - view (sublime.View) where context should be checked

  • context - array of dicts with following format:

        "key": key,
        "operator": operator,
        "operand": value,
        "match_all" true/false,
        "key": key,
        "operator": operator,
        "operand": value,
      // ...
  • key - context key (string) that will be checked by corresponding plugin; refer to context providers plugins to see which keys can be passed to this parameter

  • operator - string that can one following values: 'equal', 'not_equal', 'regex_match', 'not_regex_match', 'regex_contains', 'not_regex_contains'

  • operand - value that should be applied to key with operator

  • match_all - match all cursors with provided context or one is enought


from Context import context

class TestCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
  def run(self, edit):
    is_python_file = {
      "key": "file_name",
      "operator": "regex_contains",
      "operand": "py$",

    is_file_in_tests = {
      "key": "file_name",
      "operator": "regex_contains",
      "operand": "/tests/",

    if context.check(self.view, [is_python_file, is_file_in_tests]):
      print("This file is python file in tests directory!")

Provided context keys

  • file_name - is name of file matches provided regexp
  • selection_empty - is selection empty
  • selection_b_greater_or_equal_a - is sel.b >= sel.a
  • selection_b_greater_a - is sel.b > sel.a
  • selection_b_lesser_or_equal_a - is sel.b <= sel.a
  • selection_b_lesser_a - is sel.b < sel.a
  • line_b - line that contains sel.b: view.substr(view.line(sel.b))
  • following_text_a - text to EOL after sel.a
  • following_text_b - text to EOL after sel.b
  • following_text_begin - text to EOL after min(sel.a, sel.b)
  • following_text_end - text to EOL after max(sel.a, sel.b)
  • preceding_text_a - text to BOL before a
  • preceding_text_b - text to BOL before b
  • preceding_text_begin - text to BOL before min(sel.a, sel.b)
  • preceding_text_end - text to BOL before max(sel.a, sel.b)


  • Arctic Type Script - it defines same context values which work differently
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