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Devastate initial Oct 3, 2014
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Based on Devastate sublime theme that was based on Spacefunk. Icons is taken from boXY.

Tabs and status line appearence were changed to be minimal as possible. This is especially handy while working on laptop. Selection and comments in color scheme were changed to be more visible.

It is especially good to use this theme with menu hidden (hackers way =) if you are Linux user.


Ultra dark theme and color scheme for Sublime Text.


This plugin is part of sublime-enhanced plugin set. You can install sublime-enhanced and this plugin will be installed automatically.

If you would like to install this package separately check "Installing packages separately" section of sublime-enhanced package.

After installation you have to activate theme manually by adding the following lines to your user preferences configuration file ("Preferences: Settings - User" in command palette):

  "color_scheme": "Packages/DevastateMini/DevastateMini.tmTheme",
  "theme": "DevastateMini.sublime-theme",


Devastate small screenshot



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