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Sublime plugin that allows to manipulate methods in file
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Sublime Method plugin

The glorious plugin that allows (almost) language independent methods manipulation in file.




This plugin is part of sublime-enhanced plugin set. You can install sublime-enhanced and this plugin will be installed automatically.

If you would like to install this package separately check "Installing packages separately" section of sublime-enhanced package.


This plugin does not works with multicursors. The reason is that I'm too lazy and the plugin is too complext to refactor it and add multicursors support.

At least one method should be defined in current file before you can start using this plugin. At least one private or protected method should be defined if you want to work with private/protected methods.

It relies heavely on source code indentation. If your file is poorly indented then this plugin will not work properly.


# good
def a()

# bad
def a()

There is default support for languages: ruby, python, php, js, coffee. If you want to provide other language supporting, you should create three files in "User" plugins directory:

  • [language]-method.sublime-snippet
  • [language]-method-call.sublime-snippet
  • [language]-method-call-null.sublime-snippet

Where [language] is your language as it defined in sublime (to find out right name use "ctrl+u, ctrl+" hotkey).

See "snippets" directory for examples. You can also make pull request to make your language support available for everybody.


  1. Create (extract) method - creates new method. It tries to detect method name, args, body and return value based on current cursor position. There is also bindings to show where to create method (in beginning of method list, in "private" section and etc.)

  2. Move method - moves current method under cursor to new position (begin of methods list, to private)

  3. Goto method - allows bind shortcuts to goto first/last method, first/last private method, next/previous method and method by name (e.g. "init")

  4. Create method space - creates space for method so your preferred snippet can be executed here. Especeally good for defining tests.

  5. Delete method - deletes current method. Especeally good when working with tests.

  6. Clone method - clones current method. Especeally good when working with tests.

  7. Insert method name to mark - inserts current method name, arguments and result to mark.

  8. Select methods - select specified methods name or methods body.

  9. Comment/uncomment all except current - usefull when you want to run only current test; hotkey is faster than specifying "--name test_my_feature" in command line.


Only few usecases displayed here. Please see "Commands" section to receive complete command list.

Create method (by name)
# before
def a(a)
  b(a)| # <- cursor is here

# after
def a(a)

def b|(a) # <- cursor is here

Create method (by body)
# before
def a(a)
  {a = b(a)
  a = c(a)}| # <- selection is here

# after
def a(a)


def |(a) # <- cursor is here
  a = b(a)
  a = c(a)
  return a
Move method down
# before
def first()
  | # <- cursor is here

def second()


# after
def second()


def first()
  | # <- cursor is here


Description Keyboard shortcut Command palette
Create method before current ctrl+m, ctrl+, Method: Create method before current
Create method after current ctrl+m, ctrl+. Method: Create method after current
Create method after current ctrl+alt+shift+n Method: Create method after current
Create method after first ctrl+m, ctrl+0 Method: Create method after first
Create protected method ctrl+m, ctrl+o Method: Create protected method
Create private method ctrl+m, ctrl+i Method: Create private method
Create method after last ctrl+m, ctrl+l Method: Create method after last
Move method after first ctrl+m, 0 Method: Move method after first
Move method to protected ctrl+m, o Method: Move method to protected
Move method to private ctrl+m, i Method: Move method to private
Move method to last ctrl+m, l Method: Move method to last
Move method up alt+- Method: Move method up
Move method down alt+= Method: Move method down
Go to next method alt+n Method: Go to next method
Go to previous method alt+shift+n Method: Go to previous method
Swap method start/end alt+ctrl+n Method: Swap method start/end
Go to last method ctrl+m, ctrl+/ Method: Go to last method
Go to first method ctrl+m, ctrl+f Method: Go to first method
Create method space ctrl+m, ctrl+n Method: Create method space
Delete method ctrl+m, ctrl+d Method: Delete method
Clone method ctrl+m, ctrl+c Method: Clone method
Insert method name to mark ctrl+m, ctrl+m Method: Insert method name to mark
Select current method ctrl+m, ctrl+s Method: Select current method
Select current method body ctrl+m, s Method: Select current method body
Comment all except current ctrl+m, ctrl+q Method: Comment all except current
Uncomment all ctrl+m, q Method: Uncomment all


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