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Minor utilities for building snippets and plugins
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Sublime Utilities plugin

Minor utilities for building snippets and plugins.


This plugin is part of sublime-enhanced plugin set. You can install sublime-enhanced and this plugin will be installed automatically.

If you would like to install this package separately check "Installing packages separately" section of sublime-enhanced package.


  • "replace_region" - replace given region with given text; arguments: region ([start, end]) - region to replace, text (string) - string to put to region.

  • "replace_text_by_regexp" - replace text from start of line to begin of selection by given regexp; arguments: regexp (string) - expression to hit, replacement (string) - string to put instead of matched (backreferences \1 are supported); if no regexp matches no replacemenet will be made.

  • "insert_text" - insert text to given point; arguments: point (int), text (string)

  • "delete_selection" - delete selected region; arguments: none


Run commands listed above from keyboard shortcut, macro-file, snippet or other plugin.

Example keymap:

  "keys": ["ctrl+f5"],
  "command": "insert_text",
  "args": {
    "point": 0,
    "text": "<?php"
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