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Sample Rails app using vendored engines and gems to provide functionality

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The Next Big Thing Build Status Dependency Status

What is this?

A full-fledged portal to announce the next big thing! Jumpstart the PR campaign for your next big thing by standing on the shoulder of a giant: The next big Thing!!

What is this really?

A sample project showcasing the use of unbuilt Rails Engines and Gems. The entire app has been developed using TDD - follow the commits to see the parts evolve. Current state:

  • The main page is delivered by the Teaser Engine: engines/teaser
  • The Annoyance service is provided by the Annoyance gem: gems/annoyance
  • The main Rails application does not contain any application code: it does not even have an app directory. It is soley responsible for encapsulating and mounting the engine in the right place.

Running the test suite

git clone
cd the_next_big_thing


I highly appreciate it!

Fork, pull, create, commit, push, request pull.

What to do?

  • Add an engine that will admin the submitted entries.
  • ...


Copyright (c) 2012 Stephan Hagemann
%w(stephan.hagemann * "@"

Released under the MIT license. See MIT-LICENSE file for details.
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