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Constructor of emails on react, php and SQLite
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Postcards editor for emails

Build Status

Application using Slim(PHP), React(TypeScript) & SqlLite

Online demo:


  • php >= 7.2
  • nodejs >= 10.12.0



  • git clone

  • cd server

  • run ./scripts/ !!!ATTENTION!!! Only if it is your first installing this app run ./db/ && ./db/ in command line. This actions create database(OR RECREATE EXISTING DATABASE)

  • Set secret in the ./server/.settings.php

to deploy a build on a server:

  • The root of the application is /server/public/index.php
  • Nginx must have the param fastcgi_param SCRIPT_NAME equal to /index.php;
  • Before the first usage, you need to execute ./db/
  • If we have changes after a commit in /react directory, we need to execute cd react && npm i && npm run build:prod or /scripts/ && ./scripts/ these actions are equal.
  • If we have changes in /server/composer.json or /server/composer-lock.json, then we need to execute cd server && composer install or ./scripts/
  • The easiest way is to run ./scripts/ after each commit, but it will make all of the above every time and this way is not preferred.

To run tests:

All tests





cd react
npm t

To run app:


Application is running on the 8080 port

To run react app in the dev mode (watch files changes):

cd react
npm start
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