Implementation of "Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification" paper
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Simplified implementation of "Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification" paper DOI


  • Install Keras
  • Repository contains "Movie reviews with one sentence per review" (Pang and Lee, 2005) dataset in sample_dataset.
  • Alternatively, to use some other dataset, make two files
    • input.txt where each line is a sentence to be classified
    • label.txt where each line is the label for corresponding line in input.txt
  • Make model folder by running mkdir model
  • Refer this to train or download Glove embeddings and this for Word2Vec embeddings.
  • Run python3 app/ --data_dir=path_to_folder_containing_input.txt_and_label.txt --embedding_file_path=path_to_embedding_vectors_file --model_name=name_of_model_from_the_paper
  • For example, if data is in data folder, embedding file is vectors.txt and model is cnn_static, run python3 app/ --data_dir=data --embedding_file_path=vectors.txt --model_name=cnn_static
  • To define your own model, pass model_name as self, define your model in app/model/ and invoke from model_selector function (in
  • All supported arguments can be seen in here