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@@ -30,10 +30,6 @@ Culberson J. (See <a href=""
<b>Cited By:</b><ul><li>Mirarab, Siavash, et al. "Statistical binning enables an accurate coalescent-based estimation of the avian tree." Science 346.6215 (2014): 1250463. (<a href="">PDF</a>)</li><li></li><li>Ahmad Muklason, "Hyper-heuristics and Fairness in Examination Timetabling Problems"</li></ul></li>
<b>Cite this code:</b>
<i>"Heuristics for Graph Coloring", Shalin Shah, 2012,</i>
<p>The algorithm was run on a few <a href=""> benchmark instances</a> and the results are shown
in the following table.</p>

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