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Coursera requested that I need to remove the Coursera course material from my github site immediately as I'm in violation of our Terms of Use.

So I removed all the files.

But if you are over the age of 13 you can create an account on Coursera and audit the courses to access the Deep Learning Material.

You can visit this link and create a account to get all the material for free.

Thank you

Deep Learning Specialization

Master Deep Learning, and Break into AI

Pre Trained Models

Github only allows to share file less than 50mb. There is some pre-trained model like resnet etc. Suggest you to download them from My Google Drive (DRIVE LINK REMOVED) or download them from online (as they are so popular you can easily get them)

Video Link


Everyone welcome to create pull request if new resource update or if i miss anything :)

As coursera suggest to not to share solution online. So, request you not to share solution for this notebook.

Thank You