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Package: mapscape
Title: mapscape
Version: 0.99.3
Version: 0.99.4
Authors@R: person("Maia", "Smith", email = "", role = c("aut", "cre"))
Description: MapScape integrates clonal prevalence, clonal hierarchy, anatomic and mutational information to provide interactive visualization of spatial clonal evolution. There are four inputs to MapScape: (i) the clonal phylogeny, (ii) clonal prevalences, (iii) an image reference, which may be a medical image or drawing and (iv) pixel locations for each sample on the referenced image. Optionally, MapScape can accept a data table of mutations for each clone and their variant allele frequencies in each sample. The output of MapScape consists of a cropped anatomical image surrounded by two representations of each tumour sample. The first, a cellular aggregate, visually displays the prevalence of each clone. The second shows a skeleton of the clonal phylogeny while highlighting only those clones present in the sample. Together, these representations enable the analyst to visualize the distribution of clones throughout anatomic space.

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