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@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@ mutationSeq is software for somatic SNV detection using next generation sequenci
a feature-based classifier trained on validated somatic mutation samples while benefiting from other available information such as base quality,
mapping quality, strand bias and tail distance.
### Note
`model_single_v4.0.1.npz` and `model_single_v4.0.2_anaconda_sk_0.13.1.npz` are missing from this repository, and can be found at ``. Once you've acquired those files, place `model_single_v4.0.1.npz` in the root of this repo, and place `model_single_v4.0.2_anaconda_sk_0.13.1.npz` in the `models_anaconda` directory.
### Installing MutationSeq
MutationSeq can be downloaded from or Once you have downloaded it, extract it:

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