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# Purpose: Evaluate your classification model against some baseline metrics
# Establish that your model is not just making lucky guesses but is significantly better than a random model
# Author : Shaheen Gauher - Data Scientist at Microsoft
#download data from
header=F,sep=",",na.strings="NA") #32561 rows and 15 columns for adult data
names(datad_adult)=c('age', 'workclass','fnlwgt','education','education_num','marital_status','occupation','relationship','race','sex','capital_gain','capital_loss','hours_per_week','native_country','income')
dropcols = c('workclass','occupation','native_country')
datad_adult = datad_adult[ , !(names(datad_adult) %in% dropcols)]
class(datad_adult) #"data.frame"
#rename the label col 'income' as 'LabelsCol'
names(datad_adult)[names(datad_adult)=='income'] = 'LabelsCol'
#Split the data into training and testing data.
# randomly split your data frame into 60% and 40% partitions (stored in a list):
listsplit = split(datad_adult, sample(1:nrow(datad_adult) > round(nrow(datad_adult) * .4)))
trainingdata = listsplit[[2]]
testdata = listsplit[[1]]
#Build Machine Learning model - Random Forest randomForest()
#collect names of columns (features) to be used for modelling
allfeatures = setdiff(names(datad_adult),c('LabelsCol','splitcol'))
#create formula for modelling
formula = as.formula(paste('LabelsCol',paste(allfeatures,collapse=' + '),sep=' ~ '))
#using randomForest() to build ML model
ML_model = randomForest(formula , data = trainingdata, ntree=50, nodesize=5, mtry=9)
#Compute the accuracy of the model and compare to accuracy of trivial models
train_modelout = predict(ML_model,trainingdata,type="response")
#Confusion Matrix
cmatrix = as.matrix(table(Actual = trainingdata$LabelsCol, Predicted = train_modelout))
class(cmatrix) #"table"
#Compute accuracy of the model
accuracy = sum(diag(cmatrix)) / sum(cmatrix)
#Accuracy of a random guess classifier
num_classes = nrow(cmatrix) #number of classs
accuracy_randgs = 1 / num_classes
cat('accuracy_random_guess = ',accuracy_randgs,'\n')
#Accuracy of a weighted guess classifier
x = apply(cmatrix,1, sum) / sum(cmatrix) ##fraction of instances per class
accuracy_wtdgs = sum(x^2)
cat('accuracy_weighted_guess = ',accuracy_wtdgs,'\n')
#Accuracy of Majority Class classifier
num_eachclass = apply(cmatrix,1, sum)
majorityClass = which(num_eachclass==max(num_eachclass))
fraction_eachclass = num_eachclass / sum(cmatrix)
accuracy_maj_class = fraction_eachclass[majorityClass[1]]