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Personal Pokédex Project
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Personal Pokedex

A personal Pokédex created during the NYCDA Web Development Fellowship. The project consisted of creating a webpage to display three Pokémon characters belonging to a Pokémon Trainer.

Project Requirements


  • Represent a fictitious trainer name
  • Have relevant information presented on at least 3 different Pokémon:


  • Deploy to GitHub pages
  • Have an active GitHub repo with multiple commits and branches.
  • Display page properly


  • Have a Pokemon Class which will be able to create instances of Pokemon with several properties
  • Have a Trainer Class which will have a container object to store Pokemon objects
    • have a method named all() which returns an array of Pokemon objects
    • have a method named get() which accepts a name and returns a Pokemon object
    • have a method named add() which adds it to the trainer's container object for all their Pokémon
  • retrieve Pokémon information via the Pokéapi
  • retrieve information using Javascript AJAX calls
  • have all CSS code written in Sass
  • use a front-end framework to integrate the grid system.

Built With

  • Bootstrap - The web framework used
  • Sass - Style Sheet Language
  • Koala - GUI App for Sass to CSS Compilation
  • VSCode - Source code editor
  • axios - Promise based HTTP client
  • Pokéapi - RESTful Pokémon API

Version Control

Git was used for version control. Branches are posted on GitHub.



  • Professor Oak
  • Ash Ketchum
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