Project files for the video tutorial at
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Project files for the video tutorial at

Twitter @ShahinRostami

YouTube Live Link: (subscribe and I think it will remind you) Date: Friday 7th December Time: 13:00 (1PM) Duration: Tentatively 1 hour 30 mins

Title: Making a Unity game Summary: This will be my first live stream so I will rely on your real-time feedback (via chat) to make any adjustments needed to the video or audio. I will be showing you how to create a project in Unity3D, and then create a game from scratch. We will try to cover the following: Importing 3D character asset Character movement Spawning and moving collectibles Spawning and moving hazards Unity GUI Health system Scoring system (including high-score) Persisting high-scores (e.g. restarting game keeps previous high score data). Animation control

Beware: I won't be demonstrating best practice. The focus of the video is getting from A to B as quickly as possible, so we can have something to play with.

Every tool and asset I use will be available for free, and the source code will be uploaded/linked to GitHub afterwards.


Level 1 Monster Pack

Space Shooter Asteroids

Sound FX - Retro Pack

Cartoon FX Free

Star Nest Skybox

Infinity - FREE Track