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AdWords Placement Problem via Online Bipartite Graph Matching

Problem: Given a set of advertisers each of whom has a daily budget B_{i}. When a user performs a query, an ad request is placed online and a group of advertisers can then bid for that advertisement slot. The bid of advertiser 'i' for an ad request 'q' is denoted as b_{iq}. We assume that the bids are small with respect to the daily budgets of the advertisers (i.e., for each 'i' and 'q', b_{iq} much less than B_{i}). Moreover, each advertisement slot can be allocated to at most one advertiser and the advertiser is charged his bid from his/her budget. The objective is to maximize the amount of money received from the advertisers.

For this project, we make the following simplifying assumptions:
1. For the optimal matching (used for calculating the competitive ratio), we will assume everyone's budget is completely used.
2. The bid values are fixed (unlike in the real world where advertisers normally compete by incrementing their bid by 1 cent).
3. Each ad request has just one advertisement slot to display.

Three different algorithms have been applied to decide how to allot the ad slot to the advertisers for each incoming query.

  1. Greedy algorithm
  2. Balance algorithm
  3. MSVV algorithm

The project definition and the datasets have been provided by Dr. Nagiza Samatova.

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