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setZeroTimeout with functionality closer to setTimeout, without interfering with the browser's native error handler.
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setZeroTimeout is a simple utility function allowing you to use a sub-10ms (near-instantaneous, in most cases) asynchronous setTimeout analogue. This is performed using the browser's messaging system. In simpler terms: 0ms setTimeout.

Its usage is simple: setZeroTimeout(Function, 0);

It uses setTimeout syntax, because in unsupporting browsers (FF<3, IE<8, SF<5, O<10), setZeroTimeout is actually a reference to setTimeout. Therefore, the second parameter of timeout is mandatory. On most old browsers, the actual minimum for setTimeout is ~10ms. setZeroTimeout usually runs much under 1ms.

While other setZeroTimeout implementations exist, this particular one continues to throw valid Errors inside a closure, without breaking the timeout queue nor severely hindering JavaScript debuggability.

Licensed freely under CC 3.0:


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