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Custom iOS geocoding and reverse geocoding services that call Google's JSON geocoding services directly.
- To avoid a long-standing, random failure condition in MKReverseGeocoder, possibly due to usage of old APIs, or hitting a usage limit imposed by Google. A google search will bring up many documented cases of the issue, such as...
"MKErrorDomain error 4 iPhone" - Stack Overflow
"MKReverseGeoCoder error 4" - iPhone Dev SDK Forum
- To provide forward geocoding (find coordinate from location), which is not provided in iOS' standard Location Services.
Everything is released under the BSD License, all code is free to use in any projects (check out the files for more details)
- Any comments regarding the services, suggestions, notes on bugs or comments on the MKReverseGeocoder failure issue are welcome.
- The services rely on the open source Objective-C JSON framework ( it's only been tested with the version included with the project.