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A tinyURL service powered by node.js, express.js and a reddis database.

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NodeJS TinyURL Service

Powered by Node.js, Express.js, and Reddis


  • $ git clone git://
  • $ cd nodejs-tinyURL
  • Make sure you have Node.js, and Redis installed.
  • Run the $ redis-server command in a terminal window
  • Finally, run the application via $ node app.js in another terminal window
  • Visit to view the running application


  • /tiny/[] — Returns json for a tinyed ID.
  • /x/[id] — Redirects to tinyed website.
  • /stats/[id] — Returns json of visits and the full URL.


  • $ curl


  • $ curl


Note: Inorder to use URL's with slashes use encodeURIComponent(url) and do not submit URL's with http:// or https://


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