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Webkeys: A keyboard layout editor

Layout Editor

This is a little Django application for very specific keyboard layout editing needs. Its specific features include:

  • Fixed 4 shift levels
  • Reference layout (QWERTY) optionally shown
  • Generation of both KLC and XKB mapping files
  • Special support for presenting certain characters, including:
    • Unicode joiner characters
    • Unicode BiDi direction markers (RLM & LRM)
    • Hebrew points (ניקוד)
    • Hebrew accents (טעמים)

The app relies on certain HTML5 and CSS3 features, and likely doesn't work at all on IE<9. It was tested (more or less) on Firefox 10 and Chrome. It uses the Dojo toolkit.

The app is supported by a Pinax-based project, but is intended not to depend on it (i.e. be reusable). If this isn't the case, it's a bug.

Installation and use

The Pinax project does not include an explicit reference to the layouteditor app; it is written to just find it on the Python path.

The way I achieve this is by putting in the site-packages folder of my virtualenv (you are using one, right?) a file named webkeys.pth whose contents are one line -- the path to the folder containing both layouteditor and proj_pinax.

Other than that, pretty standard; the pip requirements file is proj_pinax/requirements/project.txt, as usual for Pinax based projects.

The layouteditor app expects that if there is a user profile, it supports the properties name and affiliation, and a method copyright(start_year, end_year) returning a copyright notice. A user profile is not mandatory, though.


Release 0.3

  • Export/Import (save layout as local file that can be restored)

  • I18n, specifically Hebrew

  • Comments on layouts

  • Support for standard-compliant layouts: + At best, when user selects to make the layout standard,

    make bindings defined by the standard unchangeable.

    • At least, add an easy indication whether the layout is standard-compliant
  • Django 1.5


  • Allow making layouts readonly without making them system
  • Export Mac keymaps
  • Tests
  • "Social" features:
    • Link layout clones to originals
    • Clone counts and clone lists from originals
    • Diff from clone to original
    • Suggestions to original, a-la Pull Request