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Reading Course Report
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Reading Course Report

This repo references an example. is a Python script to make HTTP requests to the URL passed from a command argument. uses Flask to construct a simple HTTP server to print the headers of received requests.

Set Up

  • Install virtualenv, pip install virtualenv
  • Get two versions of Python for comparison, one before 2.7.10, the other after 2.7.10. This link might be useful.
  • Create two Python environments with virtualenv. For example:
    • virtualenv -p [path_to_one_Python_version] venv-one-version
    • virtualenv -p [path_to_the_other_Python_version] venv-the-other-version
  • Install flask in both environments. Activate corresponding environment, and pip install flask


  • Choose the version you want to use, activate using source ./venv-one-version/bin/activate
  • To start the server, simply run python
  • To run the client:
    • run python for healthy URL
    • run python for malicious URL


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