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We build web and mobile applications using React, ReScript, React-Native, Ruby on Rails, and Rust


  1. Integration of React + Webpack + Rails + rails/webpacker including server-side rendering of React, enabling a better developer experience and faster client performance.

    Ruby 4.9k 616

  2. shakapacker Public

    Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails

    Ruby 210 52

  3. react_on_rails tutorial demonstrating SSR, HMR fast refresh, and Typescript based on the rails/webpacker webpack setup

    Ruby 62 15

  4. Example of integration of Rails, react, redux, using the react_on_rails gem, webpack, enabling the es7 and jsx transpilers, and node integration. And React Native! Live Demo:

    Ruby 1.7k 377

  5. SASS resources (e.g. variables, mixins etc.) loader for Webpack. Also works with less, post-css, etc.

    JavaScript 958 75

  6. Use with your rails application

    Ruby 342 53