a development pattern for big web application
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Director pattern


reutrn a Director instance which named 'tab', if not existed, will create a new instance

  • $define define this director


Director('hongru').$define(function () {
    // todo
    this.age = 23;
    this.say = ...

    aa: ...,
    bb: ...

can also use sub namespace such as:

Director('hongru').$define('util', function () {

// or
Director('hongru').$define('util', {
  • $actor get one of his actor, if not existed, will create new;

can also use $define to define a actor;

Director('hongru').$actor('body').$define(function () {

actor has $focus method which can focus on an event he insterested in, subscribe a handler[fn] to this event.

Director('hongru').$actor('body').$focus('onWinResize', function (dim) {


in actor's constructor, this.$director can get his director.

  • $notify notify his actors an event with msgs, his actor who $focus this event will activate the right handler

related to [his director] $notify

Director('hongru').$notify('onWinResize', {width: 300, height: 200});
  • $wake director wake up, initialize the application. He will wake all his actors up, then run $act.