Shows beauty tokei on your Android device !
Latest commit 8abb9d2 Dec 8, 2011 @shakalaca Remove dead wallpaper for Honeycomb
Signed-off-by: Shaka Huang <>


Shows beauty tokei on your Android device, current supports: (Taiwan) (Taiwan) (Japan/HongKong/Korea)

Just for fun, any questions feel free contact me :-)

E-mail: shakalaca AT gmail dot com

* Support 早稲田
* Support widget with picture and share button

* New share picture layout
* Support wretch/新潟/鹿児島/名古屋/香川/岡山/福岡/金沢/京都/仙台/北海道
* Add option for user to disable scrolling
* Performance tuning
* Fix binan & author picture source URL
* Center picture in settings

2010-09-26 v2.3:
* Add share picture widget
* Change UpdateService to fetch only and more power efficient
* Fix error saving pictures in sd card
* Fix other bugs..

2010-07-29 v2.1:
* Add Dead Wallpaper for devices don't support live wallpaper
* Refine settings structure

2010-07-28 v2.0:
* Rewrite the whole engine
* Prefetch fix number of pictures and save them in cache area

2010-07-21 v1.5:
* Use broadcast receiver instead of polling

2010-07-20 v1.4:
* Support Lovely Time II
* Verify bell

2010-07-17 v1.1:
* Add an option for user to stop fetching picture when screen is off
* Adjust the wallpaper to fit screen.

2010-07-17 v1.0:
Initial version