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pygifme is a simple command line tool to generate animated GIFs. It is a python port from the original ruby script gifme created by [@holman](
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Fucking animations. You need them.

pygifme is a simple command line tool to generate animated GIFs. It is a python port from the original ruby script gifme created by @holman


Install pygifme:

pip3 install pygifme

You also can install via file:

python3 install

You'll also need to install ImageMagick.

On GNU/LINUX Debian systems:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

On OS X, this is easy using Homebrew:

brew install imagemagick

This script is for Python >= 3.0. It also needs python module argcomplete if you wish pygifme autocompletion in command line.

You can install with:

sudo pip3 install argcomplete

Or via requirements.txt file:

sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt --use-mirrors


pygifme ~/Desktop/1.png ~/Desktop/2.png
You now have a handsome animation at ~/Desktop/animated.gif

You can also glob, of course:

pygifme ~/Desktop/*.jpg
You now have a handsome animation at ~/Desktop/animated.gif


Once your animation is finished up, we'll try to upload it to CloudApp. If you have cloudapp script installed, we'll use that, otherwise we'll just skip this whole step.

Super Advanced Usage

On some gifs, it's nice to have a smooth loop, so when it ends there's not a jarring leap from the last frame to the first frame again. Use the --reverse switch to create the animation like normal, and then reverse the frames and add them to the animation so it looks like one smooth motion and back again.

pygifme FILES --reverse

If you pass in a URL of a gif instead of FILES, we'll download that gif, split it into its constituent frames, and let you recreate it. For example, you could take a gif you find online and give it that --reverse look:

pygifme --reverse

You can also resize shit. We default to 500 pixels, but do whatever the fuck you want.

pygifme --width=1000

For other options, check out the help:

pygifme -h


If you're curious, gifme was initially a few-line shell script in Zach Holman dotfiles. Eventually it became clear that animation is a fundamental part of our society, and I split it out into its own tiny project.

If you're curious, Zach Holman featured the older gifme version in a screencast Zach Holman made that describes how animated gifs are an integral part of working at GitHub.

I made this python port just for fun and practice ruby to python porting.

Running unit tests

This is a simple script, but it can have unexpect behaviour doing weird things with ImageMagick backend. So, if you want ensure the common behaviour, then you can run the unit testing battery with:

python3 -m unittest test

Also from (recommended):

sudo python3 test

Much Love

From @holman. Zach Holman loves you.


Mantainer @shakaran87.

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